Wednesday 23 July 2008

Songs a singing

I cannot actually COMPLAIN about the weather, it was a lovely day, not quite as blue as promised but enough to go to the beach. We headed off for Sandymount and the kids were not very impressed as the tide was VERY low and so we hopped back in the car and after chatting to Tracy decided to meet in the Frascatti shopping centre car park and go from there. I got there first and to kill time we wondered in...where I discovered a CD sale on and picked up a Snow Patrol and Amy MacDonald CD for €15.00. Turns out the first 2 tracks on the CD are Jessica and Kirstin's favourites too - I did not even know that they KNEW the songs...but they do! Kirstin says she has a compulsion to play Mr Rock n Roll at LEAST 5 times when she heres it on her IPOD.And so it was that the 3 of us went barelling down the N11 - windows and sun roof open, music on LOUD and singing along at the top of our voices...yes probably killing the song but a day that will stand out for years to come.


Skyara said...

I definitely got a sun tan even on one of the bum cheeks that escape from under my skirt due to the wind…..
The days are always lovely with you guys.

Natalie said...

See the Irish sun can be good for your cheeks...I mean complexion! We all had a fab day and will definitely have to take advantage of some more of my days off!