Monday 7 July 2008

Loop da loop

Friday was another beautiful day, does not weaken Kirstin's resolve to move to Holland. Yep, from the day we landed Kirstin has been asking if we can move here, bizarre considering she is the one who likes moving least of all.
I looked after all the kids while M's folks went on a little shopping spree in the morning. Marianne was hoping to get off a bit early on Friday and she did so we all piled into cars and IN CONVOY went to Slagharen Adventure Park. We were very lucky because it was quiet and so we let Jess and Kirstin go off on their own, Marianne's folks went in another direction and we took the little ones on a few rides that did not have severe height restrictions. An hour later we all met up again and we sent the little ones off with their grandparents, Jess and Kirstin went charging off on their own again and Marianne and I headed for the roller coaster. It was such a quick one, we did it twice! After the second go we decided to look at buying the photograph and discovered that there is a VIDEO we can buy. We stood their and watched it..I sat down and 'buckled' up talking all the the end of the roller coaster ride my mouth was still moving, my god I can talk!!!!!! I vetoed getting the video, thank goodness Marianne agreed that a picture was a good enough memory of the roller coaster!


Skyara said...

Wow sounds like you are having a ball. Cheese definitely my kind of place.
You enjoy and don’t rush home; weather is terrible here in Dublin.
Miss you lots

TheRuleClan said...

LOL heading back tomorrow -luckily bad weather is hitting Netherlands, might make it easier to leave, great place here!!