Sunday 20 July 2008


Yes, you may get jealous here...woke up to a glorious day AGAIN, getting a little tiring now, but how can I NOT mention it?
We started off with our usual coffee and then headed off in a new direction on our walk. We ended up going along a very quiet road and had the misfortune of an assault on our olfactory senses by the most foul smelling fertilizer ever - well I hope it was fertilizer! The walks are decidedly pleasant under normal circumstances, sunflower, wheat and maize fields abound in the area we were based.

We got home and had some breakfast and then I did my daily ritual of donning my polka dot bikini and heading for the sun lounger with my book for about an hour. Then it was back to the shower and off to Dixieland for lunch and we hoped that the chateau would be open for visitors. The menu at Dixieland was unexciting but we decided that we liked the setting and settled for one of the few options they presented to us and then spent a pleasant 40 minutes waiting for our lunch and enjoying the pleasant surroundings. After lunch we chatted to the waiter and discovered that the chateau was not open to visitors so we walked around the town for a while before heading home again. The afternoon was spent playing badminton, Malcolm and I had a great game and a good bit of exercise too.

Dinner was easy...I found a hand held blender, abused the ratatoiulle from the previous evening, added creme fraiche and served it over tomato, basil and mozzarella tortellini - delicious! Quaffing of more wine followed and a pleasant evening of Rummikub rounded the evening off.

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