Tuesday 1 July 2008


Wow - 15 years. They have been 15 memorable years with so much joy. Looking back to the days we used to have to try and restrain you to get you into your car seat and then you used to unclip the belt and I would have to pull over and fight all over again...thought I would go mad!!! Now you are a fully grown young woman who makes us very proud, and remarkably so far no teenage madness, few arguments, a slammed door here and there and fighting with your sister, I think so far I am having it very easy....compared to what I put my poor mom through!!!
Thank you for 15 remarkable years of learning and loving, I have not regretted a minute!
Looking forward to the next 15, I am sure there will be some tough times up ahead - you would not be a normal teenager if you didn't contribute to a few grey hairs - and we will learn together through all the ups and downs that may come our way. We love you!!!!!!


Tracy said...

Dearest Jessica

Happy Birthday my Angel!!!! I hope you have a fantastic day and a super super holiday.

Miss you and love you lots and lots,
Aunty Tracy, Courtney & Morgan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

TheRuleClan said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, getting ready to leave...excitement and a bit of nervousness, the wind is horrible today...take off might be interesting!!!

Tracy said...

Well have a safe flight ! And have lots and lots of fun xxxxxx

English Mum said...

Aw what a lovely post. Happy birthday, Jess! I feel like I know you already through your Mum's lovely words. Mwah! xx

Rose said...

Hi Girls,

Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday, sorry I missed you on the 1st Jess but I hope you had a wonderful birthday, ENJOY and see you in a few weeks.

Derrick, Rose and Emily