Thursday 24 July 2008


Nothing like a good excuse to friend Tracy celebrates her _ _ birthday on Sunday so I have decided that a partyjie (party) is in order. In true SA style we shall have a good "ole" braai (bbq) at our place to make sure she has a blast, kaprioskas, margarita and perhaps a strawberry dacquari or two shall be on the menu.
I will have to make my chocolate cake...(well Nigella Lawson's if truth be told) any excuse will do as it is probably THE best chocolate cake EVER...must be my skill in the this blog for the post on the flopped cake after that comment!!!
Of course this means that my leisurely Saturday morning will now be spen flying around the supermarkets, luckily a pleasant experience first thing in the morning as most of the Irish are still hugging their pillows!!! Roll on Sunday!!!


tracy said...

Oooohhhh don't mention food! I am STARVING - and I left my wallet at home today..... probably a blessing in disguise!

Have fun on Sunday, wish I was there, always game for a good braai!

Natalie said...

Oh there is more to the weekend, will try and do one more post as we have a busy night tonight!!!

Skyara said...

Yahoo …… can’t wait for the company and of course the famous choc cake!!!!!!!!!
Thanks Nats you are a great friend ;)

Natalie said...

Roll on Sunday it should be fun!! Cake has just come out of the oven...all going according to plan so far.