Sunday 20 July 2008


Yes I have been busy...I think Tracy may pop in today, she knows I might have been blogging since getting home....scroll down to the last post you read and start at the bottom and work your way up. I have tried to catch up on the whole week in one day and kept the posts seperate so that you do not have to read it ALL AT ONCE!!! I think that it might get boring trying to get through it all in one big chunk....OH and if you want to see a pretty funny facial expression picture...have a look at what I scanned and added to the London post...embarrassing but how could I NOT share it?


Tracy said...

Hello!! WOW, I read all your posts and it sounds as though you have had the most wonderful holiday! (Mmmmmm all that yummy, yummy food!!!)

I hope you are going to post some more photos?
Love U!

TheRuleClan said...

Good morning! I knew you would be the first!!! I did post photo's on the blog...r u talking about facebook? I am going to upload a whole lot now - there are some that I obviously cannot put on my blog so they will be on facebook. What did you think of the London photograph? LOL every time I look at the 3 of us.

Rich said...

obviously tracy would be the first... isn't she the one who get's here wake-up call from the rooster every morning ?

Have a lot of reading to do so to see. Great work Natalie ! When will you start writing your first book ?

TheRuleClan said...

LOL - Too true..forgot about the rooster! Good to c u still visit my humble blog...a book...mmmm don't think I am quite in that league, but nice of you to say!!!