Thursday 31 July 2008

Ending on a HIGH

Wednesday was a fabulous day! I got through so much, gave the house a good clean, took the girls out for lunch to my favourite little place, Tribecca in Ranelagh, then went and purchased all Kirstin's uniform and managed to do a grocery shop too.
Who could have thought that the day could have got any better? Not me....I was looking forward to our final hockey match, but also kinda sad as it is the end of the summer season and I have absolutely loved playing, it is a mixed league and there are some really awesome players, men and women......and then me!
Last week I had a shocker of a game, so bad I could not even find anything funny enough about it to that is BAD. Last night I redeemed myself, I stretched and ran after every ball, made myself available and actually managed to intercept a few opposition passes too, I was in top form and then the fabulously juicy cherry on top....I scored 3 goals....3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a first for me, I was in such shock after each one that it took me a couple of minutes to get back into the game but I think I got away with it!!! Thanks team for all the passes, obviously could not have done it without you!!! Mmmmm and Malcolm the little traitor...he took along the camera and got some sneaky shots of me playing hockey as per Tracy's request...flattering? I think not!


Tracy said...

Well done Nats!!!!! And thanks for the photies Malcy, they are awesome

Anonymouse said...

My pleasure, not all that clear but should give you an idea!

Natalie said...

Sigh....You two!!!

Tracy said...

Arn't you lucky Nats - you have a fan club!!!!! Pics were good, I liked the action shot!!