Sunday 20 July 2008

Cappucinos and Croissants

I must have really needed my sleep as I only woke up at a pretty cloudy day. Of course you will be very pleased to here that the clouds did not last and we enjoyed yet another sunny day on our holiday!

We had decided that it was high time we had a criossant for breakfast and so made our way to the village of Ruffec. We parked the car and wondered around the village poking our noses into various places trying to find somewhere that offered croissants coffee AND a table, for some bizarre reason the type of set up we were looking for ahd been hard to come by and we normally ended up in restaurants for a coffee but then could not have a pastry. But in Ruffec we struck gold and found a marvelous place with a wonderful array of baked goodies


Look at the SIZE of the cup!!!

The afternoon was spent back at the house enjoying all it has to offer, the loungers. the river, the badminton and I made a salad with HOMEMADE croutons, avocado and bacon lardons which Malcolm even asked me to photograph...okay it may not look as good as the things in the display cases....but still.

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