Monday 28 July 2008

Yuk, Yuk, Yuk..GROSS

I was walking back from the bank, the sun was shining my Ipod plugged into my ears and I saw a whole lot of youngsters, not very savoury characters, I guess bums/druggies/drunks or all 3. I remember thinking how awful it would be to end up like that when I get a squirt of something wet on my foot...I wanted to stop, recoil, see what the heck it was, but did not want to give anyone the satisfaction.
I walked into Spar, luckily 15 metres along and looked for some cleansing wipes which I found. Then against my better judgement and my brain telling me NOT A GOOD IDEA I reached down with my hand and touched the wetness on my leg and then sniffed it...I have a terrible personality trait, I do not like NOT knowing, so of course I had to try and find out what the heck it was. It smelt disgusting, thank goodness not the bodily fluid stench I was dreading, still have no idea what it was...kind of smelled like Thai fish sauce. I cleaned up, used the wipes and luckily the Spar has 2 exits so managed to vacate the Spar without going past the PLACE again!
So today I had my worst Dublin experience to date.


Tracy said...

Maybe it was a greeny from one of the kids who had eaten a fish paste sarmie or something?

Natalie said...

Oh YUK. Nope, it was a clear runny liquid...and we do not get fishpaste here!!!

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I'm with you, it's impossible not to smell these things and I've no idea why. In these cases ignorance is most definately bliss.

Natalie said...

Yes...if I had just told myself it was water and bought the wipes the experience would have been that little less disgusting...or maybe not?